Former Mayor Carmen Sabatino tells DA Fladager to stop illegal wiretaps



October 26, 2016

District Attorney Birgit Fladager, County Counsel John Doern, Modesto Bee

Former Mayor Carmen Sabatino tells DA Fladager to stop illegal wiretaps

District Attorney Birgit Fladager

12 TH & I Street

Modesto Ca 95354


Subject:  Release transcripts of all wire taps and body wires obtained through paid and non-paid informants for your office. Body wires were supplied by DA investigators Kirk Bunch and Steve Jacobson.

Ten years ago, you failed to convict Mayor Carmen Sabatino of felony charges that were created by your investigators and a later disbarred attorney Patrick McGrath.

Pat McGrath was your star witness, who decided to seek the protection of the Fifth Amendment rather than testify to what he and Kirk Bunch had created.

That is relevant today because the defense attorney that defeated you then was defense attorney Frank Carson.

For you to say that you let Mayor Sabatino go is a lie because the truth is you lost.

Your office lost once again to Frank Carson

You have used your office and the perverted the law as an “instrument of revenge” upon your personal and political opponents.

The history of the last decade indicates that it is time you be held accountable. I realize that will be most difficult, but the history has been written.

To be blunt, I demand the record of your investigations of me, which I consider an effort to silence me and destroy my business by telling people in the community that I am under investigation.

Please provide tapes and any search warrants you have obtained.

The remedy here is for you to supply the documents I requesting, state that I am not under investigation, and apologize.

Former Mayor Carmen Sabatino