For further clarification regarding Jeff Jardine’s column in the Modesto Bee on January 12, 2017.


In the event the reader is curious as to the content of the mentioned “rambling, ravings and outward railing” in a letter to Mr. Jardine, we are posting the ACTUAL letter in its full context and content.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

“January 11, 2017

Jeff Jardine

Modesto Bee

Modesto, California

Mr. Jardine,

I feel that a response to your phone call is warranted and will hopefully be enlightening. As a general rule, I do not hang up the phone on anyone, and trust me when I say this – at times I get the most vile phone calls where everything from outright threats and filthy rants to screaming incoherent voices roars through. Thus, I do not take my decision to hang up on a member of the press lightly.

Your byline under the Modesto Bee in which you have served since 1988 puts you under a disadvantage for performing the duties taught in every Journalism school for the last Century and a half – report the five W’s (who, what, where, when and why). For better or worse in many circumstances you and you colleges have reported on me over the decades and the result often has been not only unfair to me, but a discredit to the profession you serve. Misquotes, unsubstantiated allegations, editorial kidney punches during supposed straight news articles.

A quote from a recent editorial of my own sums it up best:

“I do not claim to be an angel, nor will I accept that badge of devil. My decades long battle across the fronts of unaccountable power brokers, powerful unelected bureaucrats (and some elected officials deep in the pockets of shadowy figures), is one I stand by and is a member of public record and that of the failed Modesto 4th estate.”

Mr. Jardine, I hung up because of the fruitlessness of the conversation. With the history of the Modesto Bee’s reporting on me riddled with so much dishonesty – providing fodder and red meat for a hit piece in a future edition of your paper was not something I was willing to do. In the event you feel ”being hung up on” was a vulgar event – the precedent was set by your college Mike Dunbar.

In regards to the sign, it is a proud member of our fight and based on the reception and positive comments it garnered – well, just stay tuned…

Carmen Sabatino”