03/16/2016 – By Tom Jensen –

Today was a day of contrasts. There was great drama in the morning session, which was followed by more mindless questions from Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra. I came to a realization towards the end of the day why this trial is dragging on with the same questions being asked to numerous witnesses by the prosecution. More on that later.

I knew when I came to court this morning that I was in for some entertainment. I was not disappointed. I had received a communication that prosecution witness Patrick Hampton had been arrested yesterday in Oakdale. It was a serious incident where two schools were shut down, and people were asked to remain inside their homes. It went on for several hours.  Early reports on the incident reported that hostages were being held inside a house on F Street, Oakdale. There was a standoff that went on for a protracted amount of time, ending with Patrick Hampton and a female named Ashley Wheeler being arrested. The exact details of the charges are at this time unclear, with Marlissa Fereirra insisting that it was simply because Patrick Hampton had skipped court on a drug case, and was not staying in touch with his Probation Officer. I kind of think there is much more to this than she is willing to admit. I am sure the defense attorneys will get to the bottom of this in very short order. This just shows how distrustful anyone should be about the testimony that has been presented in this trial. All of the prosecution witnesses have been either career criminals, drug addicts, or both.

Hampton is claiming that he has received threats from two “Arabs” and one “White guy.” Hampton says they threatened to severely hurt or kill Patrick Hampton’s family and friends if he continues to testify for the prosecution in this case. That is his excuse for hiding from the DA’s Office and Probation Officers. This man is a master manipulator. I believe he is manipulating law enforcement and the DA’s Office with lies, in order to get special leniency for his numerous legal problems.

During the Oakdale incident, DA Investigator Steve Jacobson was called to the scene. This seemed to the defense attorneys to be a direct violation of a court order by Judge Zuniga to forbid such contact with witnesses in this case. After much argument on this case, Judge Zuniga stated that the contact by Jacobson did not qualify as such a violation. It was brought out that Patrick Hampton wants to speak directly with Judge Zuniga who said: “That isn’t going to happen.” It appears that Patrick Hampton’s probation has been revoked, and he is being held in the Stanislaus County Jail.

Discussion goes to what Judge Zuniga refers to as: “We have a problem with Mr. Martinez with respect to Friday, and the Attorney General coming in.” “Can’t do it.” There is an issue that Frank Carson has asserted his right to a non-stop continuous preliminary trial. Frank has been frustrated by the number of days and weeks have gone by where one attorney or another has to be out of town for another trial or issue. Meanwhile Frank languishes in jail while losing massive amounts of weight. This eventually gets solved in the afternoon when all the defendants and their attorneys agree to wave the speedy trial for this one day only. I received information that the Attorney General is trying to quash a subpoena for the prison records of Michael Cooley. There must be some radioactive material in these files, and this issue will be heard on Friday

Now starts the boring repetitive segment of the day. Detective Navarro is put back on the stand at 11:20 AM. Defense Attorney Percy Martinez then gets Navarro to testify about a lady named Ms. Kiester. Navarro could not remember who had turned him on to this witness. Ms. Kiester and Michael Cooley had lived together for a period of time. According to Navarro, Kiester described an incident where a man had approached her boyfriend and asked him if he was on probation. Ms. Kiester allegedly then contacted Michael Cooley who came out of the house, and an argument occurred. Ms Kiester allegedly told Navarro that the man had accused Michael Cooley of thefts from his property. Ms Kiester said that the same man was seen searching through her sister’s blue station wagon. Ms Kiester also allegedly described another incident where this man argued with Michael Cooley, and Cooley spit in his face. She said that the man made no threats to Cooley, even after getting spit on in the face.

Talks then go to the time where Detective Navarro and Detective Barringer went to the law office of Frank Carson on 07/12/2016. All the same questions were asked about this incident. We have heard all these questions by the other defense attorneys. All the same “If you have any questions, put them in writing.” “Get Out!” etc. was discussed about this incident. I really feel the officers were there to infuriate Frank Carson, and record him on the hidden wire being worn by Navarro. It was brought out that Frank Carson had told them that his father had just died, and he had just buried him. Frank Carson stated that he was “Still dealing with it.” Despite this information, they continued to talk to Frank, and did not leave his office as requested. Frank Carson eventually walked to the front of his law office and pointed to his secretary, and said: “I have a witness.” “I know you do things.”  The detectives continued to harass Frank.

More questions of Navarro were a rehash of testimony we have heard many times in this case. It seems this case could be done in much less time.

After lunch, Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra goes over records she has been gathering for the defense concerning the contact between DA Investigator Steve Jacobson and Patrick Hampton in Oakdale yesterday. The defense attorneys want everything concerning the incident in Oakdale. Marlisa Fereirra stated that the issue of the alleged threats against Patrick Hampton was an ongoing investigation. She promised by Monday to provide some partial details of these alleged threats. The defense attorneys want the Threat Assessment Matrix to be provided that was prepared by the swat team that was present in Oakdale. Marlissa Fereirra contends that these records are never given out without a court order. The defense attorneys state that they have received these records in other cases without having them subpoenaed. Marlissa is told to report back by Friday on this subject.

At 2:30 PM, Detective Navarro is put back on the stand. His testimony seems to entertain Navarro frequently. He often gets a strange smirk on his face when he thinks he has gotten the best in a line of questioning. I must say that he is certainly surer of himself than Detective Jon Evers. Evers died on the stand a couple of times. Frank Navarro has remained calm, but he has appeared to be deceptive in his answers at times. That is when he seems to smirk.

Defense Attorney Percy Martinez asks some questions of Navarro that we have all heard many times, and Navarro is allowed to step down. They are not completely done with Navarro, and I am fairly certain that we will be hearing more testimony from him soon.

An issue is brought up about the cell phone records. The defense attorneys want the records to be organized in a way that they can use more easily. The cell phone expert is a man named Jim Cook. His testimony has been put off for a long, long time. It seems to be an attempt to delay this trial for some reason or another.  I think it was Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana who then makes what seems like a revelation to me. She thinks that we are seeing a never ending string of useless witnesses because the DA is stalling to give Jim Cook more time. This preliminary trial should have been finished a long time ago. I go days without hearing anything new in the testimony. It is time to shit or get off the pot as they say.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM, arguments are going to be made concerning Frank Carson’s request to act as Co-Council in this trial. Judging from what I have heard, Frank has little chance of this being allowed. He is a brilliant lawyer, and the prosecution will do anything necessary to assure this won’t happen.


Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)