The following editorial is Part one in a series of three to be published on the Back Story News website.   Warren Yates is an insightful and welcome contributor to Back Story News.



1-25-17 – Court has been in recess and will resume on February 7, 2016. But this is no time to relax and wait for court to resume. It is our duty to continue to expose the nefarious actions being committed by the District Attorney’s Office and Fladager’s efforts to get rid of a defense attorney that she cannot beat in high profile cases. I will be making entries and commentaries from prior commentaries written on the date shown.


The Dist. Atty. has continually violated judges orders from the opening bell. Judge Manoukian ordered the district attorney to provide ALL discovery to the defense attorneys prior to starting the preliminary hearing over a year ago. Judge Zuniga throughout this hearing has also excoriated the District Attorney’s Office because throughout this hearing they are providing exculpatory discovery but only when forced to after being exposed by the defense attorneys.

As some of you know if you’ve been reading the commentaries by those of us who are writing them, a new law went into effect on January 1, 2017. That new law makes it a felony when the prosecution fails to provide all discovery timely. Fladagar’s will office has failed to provide exculpatory evidence throughout this whole hearing. SHAME ON THEM!!! That has been the norm up for them particularly in high profile cases.

January 7, 2017 – Time after time Judge Zuniga has been telling Ferreira to make sure the entire discovery has been given to the defense attorneys. The judge has finally had enough of the disrespect exhibited toward her by Fladager and her minions. No further discovery will be allowed after January 19, 2017.

There is a rumor going around that the Dist. Atty. again defied the judge’s order and it will probably add to the list of sanctions the judge intends to impose on the recalcitrant District Attorney’s Office. There seems to be a battle of wills here and the Dist. Atty. wants to impose her will on how this preliminary hearing will be run. Fladager may think she is a Goliath and she will find out soon that Judge Zuniga is David.

Fladager’s dictatorial and arrogant attitude is an embarrassment to the citizens of Stanislaus County. With her blessings, Ferreira continuously commits prosecutorial misconduct in her efforts to put eight innocent people behind bars. Throughout this hearing, the defense attorneys have continually asked for sanctions against Ferreira because of her unethical conduct. As of this date, Judge Zuniga has only denounced Ferreira because of her disrespectful conduct.

I believe that at the right time, Judge Zuniga will impose sanctions on Ferreira and Fladagar for the disrespect they have shown the court. This preliminary hearing has now become the longest preliminary hearing in California superseding the McMartin case. With this dubious distinction there is no doubt in my mind that Judge Zuniga will make an example out of Ferreira and Fladagar for their disrespect for the decorum of the court.

Fladagar has never appeared in court during this miscarriage of justice that is being perpetrated at her behest. She obviously displays no leadership quality or ability and no desire to assist her subordinates. Maybe after 10 years in office she’s becoming tired and needs to resign and head off into a happy land somewhere else.

Fladagar rode into the office of Dist. Atty. on the coattails of the Scott Peterson case. It is believed that Ferreira felt she would be next in line for Dist. Atty. on the coattails of the Frank Carson 8 case. Good luck on that one!

September 5, 2016The last sentence in Greta’s article reminds me of the sage old saying “If I knew then what I know now “I might’ve had a different perspective. So we know that BIRGIT FLADAGER was elected by riding in on the coattails of the Scott Peterson case. It should be noted here as an aside, that the Scott Peterson trial with one defendant was prosecuted by BIRGIT FLADAGER, Dave Harris and Rick Distaso. Three prosecutors for one defendant.

Moving forward to the persecution of the Carson 8. Here we have eight defendants and one lone prosecutor, Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira. Do you see something wrong with this picture? One theory is that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira, (I keep using the phrase Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira because it has such a nice ring to it don’t you think?) assumed this Herculean task in the hopes that upon the conviction of eight defendants, she would surely be able to win the next election for Dist. Atty. of Stanislaus County. (Delusions of grandeur)

Another theory is that since this case is so shaky and full of holes that the Ramey Warrant had to be “judge shopped” to another county to find a judge that would sign it, Dist. Atty. BIRGIT FLADAGER did not want to force other prosecutors in the office to be co-counsel with Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira. This because of a prior explosive conflict in the District Attorney’s Office when a prosecutor or two was forced to become co-counsel in an earlier case against their will and the Dist. Atty. did not want more dissension in the office.

So if the district attorney could not force other prosecutors to become co-counsel for fear of adverse publicity, then other prosecutors would have to “volunteer “to become co-counsel and assist Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira in this humongous endeavor. Do we see any takers? No, not one. So much for esprit de corps in the prosecutor’s office.

Or, maybe other prosecutors in the office do not want their name attached to a travesty of justice such as this and certainly do not want to be named as defendants in the lawsuits that will come as a result of this vendetta driven persecution. One that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira believes is an airtight, slam-dunk, gotcha, “it’s in the bag” and “it’s all over but the shouting” case of “hers” that she bought.