DON’T LET UP! Part 2

The following editorial is Part two in a series of three to be published on the Back Story News website. Warren Yates is an insightful and welcome contributor to Back Story News.

September 5, 2016In some of my prior commentaries, some of you may think that I am against the justice system. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As I mentioned in a few of my prior commentaries, I spent 27 years in law enforcement and believe that those who commit crimes should be arrested, convicted and punished. I am a strong right wing law and order advocate, and support all legitimate, honest, moral, principled, and the key word here is ETHICAL law enforcement. I also believe that innocent people should not be subjected to agenda driven prosecutorial misconduct by corrupt district attorneys.

Lord Acton once said: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Below is another excerpt from one of my commentaries. There is so much misconduct and egregious behavior on the part of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office is never-ending.

September 5, 2016We know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And we know there is no greater example of that then what exists in Stanislaus County. When the District Attorney’s Office of Stanislaus County is beaten like a government mule or redheaded stepchild in three high profile cases, (Sabatino, Drummond and Pontillo) by a local defense attorney by the name of Frank Carson, it’s time to get him out of circulation by whatever means necessary. Also the same Frank Carson has the audacity to run for the office of district attorney on the platform of eliminating corruption from the District Attorney’s Office. Now how do we do that?

Oh I know. Let’s take the tragic murder of a young scrapper thief at the hands of dope smoking, drug dealing, thieving, assaultive dregs of society and promise them consideration in their own criminal cases if they will provide the proper testimony to get Frank Carson and seven other innocent persons out of the way. All one has to do is to look at this preliminary hearing from the beginning to see that this is what happened. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In 2014 there was an effort made to recall BIRGIT FLADAGER because of the corruption within the office. During that recall effort coincidently, the treasurer of that recall effort was Baljit Atwal, a business owner in Turlock. That was in 2014. Where does Baljit Atwal find himself in 2016? Sitting in Department 26 and being accused of murder. Mere coincidence? I think not. How dare he take part in an effort to recall the Dist. Atty. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is so much to write about the idiocy and vindictiveness of this persecution of the Carson 8. Much has been written in the past and much will be written in the future. I will continue to write until I become a victim of the Orwellian concept of silencing truth seekers. The public needs to be kept aware of how easy it is to come into the “crosshairs “of corrupt law enforcement officials whether it be those very few corrupt ones wearing a uniform or those that hold a law degree. No one is immune if you “mess” with the wrong people. Just ask Carmen Sabatino, Frank Drummond or A.J. Pontillo. Think it can’t happen to you, think again! Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

December 28, 2015Martha Carlton Magana told the court that during the Thanksgiving break Special Agent in charge Kirk Bunch had interviewed one of her clients without her knowledge. She found out and confronted Bunch who stated he would provide her a copy of the CD of the interview and also a written report. She had not received it as yet she requested that Judge Zuniga make Bunch provide it as soon as possible.

Once again we have sneaky Cap’n Crunch Bunch interview a defense attorney’s client without the attorney’s knowledge or consent. Cap’n Crunch did not contact Ms. Magana to tell her about his contact. She had to confront him and then he failed to provide a copy of the report and a CD recording as he promised he would. She had to have the judge admonish him to provide the information. Business as usual with the DA investigators.


August 8, 2016Prior to launching into my commentary, I would like each of you to read the article below and realize that somewhere in America there are courts that prosecute the correct people. After you read this article, we can hope that prosecution of the correct people will extend from Texas to Stanislaus County.

For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man

Today in Texas former prosecutor and Judge Ken Anderson pled guilty to intentionally violating Brady in a case that sent an innocent man, Michael, to prison for the murder of his wife. When trying the case as a prosecutor, Anderson possessed evidence that may have cleared Morton, including statements from the crime’s only eyewitness that Morton wasn’t the culprit. Anderson sat on this evidence, and then watched Morton get convicted. While Morton remained in prison for the next 25 years, Anderson’s career flourished, and he eventually became a judge.

In today’s deal, Anderson pled to criminal contempt, and will have to give up his law license, perform 500 hours of community service, and spend 10 days in jail. Anderson had already resigned in September from his position on the Texas bench.

The punishment for what this low life, pond scum sucking reprobate prosecutor did is a joke. He robbed another human being of 25 years of his life. While this dirt bag prosecutor lived the high life. He should’ve had his law license revoked to for life, keep your community service and he should do a minimum of 10 years in prison for this egregious breach of civility, moral turpitude and criminal prosecutorial misconduct.

August 8, 2016 – …If you have spent any time in court or have read the commentaries that are being written, you know that there have been too many instances in which the chief deputy Dist. Atty. has failed to disclose Brady material. She has failed to discover reports, recordings and/or videos too many times to count. It is only after the repeated requests by the defense attorneys and sometimes on her own, Judge Zuniga has thoroughly excoriated the chief deputy Dist. Atty. for failing to provide most often, exculpatory evidence which tends to show the innocence of the defendants. Does anyone reading this see somewhat of a parallel between Texas and Stanislaus County? Stevie Wonder can see that.

With the above new law which took effect in January 1, it is no wonder that the District Attorney’s Office including Fladager and Ferreira scurried around like rats trying to do everything they could before the deadline that could put their sorry ****’s in prison. It would be great to see Stanislaus County be the first County in California to enforce the new law. Remember that all the decisions in the Frank Carson persecution are being made at the top. Maybe it’s time to topple the top.

As I go through my prior commentaries I see the countless instances of tactless, lawless and anarchistic behavior exhibited by Fladager and her sock mutts. I find it incomprehensible that the aberrant and atypical conduct perpetrated upon the public by the District Attorney’s Office has been allowed to continue for this long. People have said to file a complaint with the California Atty. Gen.’s office.


I can tell you from experience that when reporting nefarious and illegal activities by law enforcement, Kamala Harris who is worthless refused to investigate and prosecute a Merced County deputy Sheriff that I proved filed a felony false police report. I don’t know if the newly appointed Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra will be any better but I am thinking of giving him a try.

It’s very hard in California to overcome the” good ole boy” “Code of Silence” that protects those FEW disreputable, dishonest and crooked law enforcement personnel including Dist. Atty. offices. I emphasize few because the majority of all of our law enforcement personnel are honest, dedicated, have a good moral compass and put their lives on the line to protect us every day. It is the few dirty rotten apples and spoil the barrel so look at the big picture and appreciate our legitimate law enforcement.

Speaking of “good ole boy” law enforcement and reminded me of an old TV show. A few commentaries ago I did my rendition of “It’s a Good Life”. I came up with this parody of “The Dukes of Hazard” with an all-star cast so here goes:

First we have DA Fladager in the role of Boss Hogg the corrupt politician. It may not be a role at all. All she needs is a white suit, a big white cowboy hat and a big cigar.

Then we have Marlissa Ferreira as Lulu Hogg, Boss Hogg’s daughter who follows in her daddy’s footsteps. Did somebody say cunning, devious and nefarious?

Then we have Cap’n Crunch Bunch in the role of the not very bright Sheriff Rosco Coltrane. In this story we would have to substitute cunning, devious and nefarious as an apt description along with not very bright.

Don’t forget Jon Evers who takes on the role of Cletus. A bumbling, cumbersome don’t mention domestic violence around me assistant to Sheriff Coltrane.

Along comes “Jake from State Farm” Jacobson as Bubba. Bubba’s reputation was if brains were gas, he couldn’t power an ant’s motorcycle around the inside of a Cheerio. Well dad gum Gomer, if the shoe fit slip it on. Just saying…

The extras in this parody are all of the dirtbags, thieves, drug dealers, potheads, drug users, embezzlers, knife wielding thugs and other assorted riffraff that are the star witnesses in Boss Hogg’s case. I am going to let you make up your own episodic stories and I am interested in what you come up with.

You’ll notice there is no “Daisy Duke” in my parody. That’s because there is no “Daisy Duke” in the District Attorney’s Office. Go figure.