Defeat of Measure G city tax made Measure L possible


It is difficult to pass a sales tax, two in one year is impossible.

For that reason, development interests did not support Measure G and worked for the defeat of Mayor Garrad Marsh.

Mayor Marsh advocated a sales tax for public safety, police and fire departments, while he was running for reelection. In a show of gratitude public safety unions stabbed Marsh in the back and endorsed Ted Brandvold who was recruited by development attorney George Petrulakis.

I also opposed Measure G because there was some concern over how the city would spend $14 million.

As it turns out the city did not have a chance to misspend $14 million in promised services.

With the election of Brandvold the city found the money to give police and fire a pay raise, as promised.

Measure L has made the ballot and it is possible that it might pass considering that the Stanislaus Council of Governments, comprised of the County and the nine cities, has spent $770,845.00 of tax money for the passage of measure L.

Measure L truly represents that the means justify the end, victory.

Make any threat, tell any lie, twist arms, and spend any amount of tax money to convince taxpayers to tax themselves, even though they can least afford to pay the tax.

Since the tax will last for 25 years’ parents are obligating their children to pay the tax.

The Back Story is the tax stream will be used to borrow the money up front to get their projects started. Of course, that means the taxpayers will also pay the interest on those loans.

The real story is that the developers need this money to create expressways to bring in more commuters more population to buy houses, and more crime.

This alliance of special interests thinks you are stupid.

Prove them wrong vote no on Measure L.