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Partners in Crime

Patrick McGrath 1979
Investment Lawyer
Kirk Bunch 1979
DA Investigator












McGrath:  “Never walk away from a fool and his money”

Davis High School Yearbook

Patrick McGrath, found guilty and surrendered his license to practice law.

DA Investigator Kirk Bunch assisted McGrath in committing crimes.

They were committing crimes together and creating an elaborate story regarding the then Mayor of Modesto Sabatino

The DA failed to convict on the grounds indicated in Bunch’s 193 page affidavit of disinformation. Bunch testified under penalty of perjury that Mayor Sabatino failed to report 3 million dollars in assets.

McGrath needed to cover for his 3.2 million dollar Ponzi scheme and DA Investigator Bunch assisted him.

Four years later on, March 29, 2010, McGrath filed for bankruptcy in the amount of 3.2 million.

Bunch covered for McGrath when he lied in his affidavit that Mayor Sabatino had 3 million in unreported assets. When it came time for McGrath to testify, he refused and pled the 5th.

McGrath and Bunch were partners in the investigation of then Mayor Sabatino’s

In August 2003, the Mayor was charged with 12 felonies. Through his attorney Frank Carson, he was offered a deal.

  1. The felonies would go away with a fine of $4700.
  2. Sabatino had to plead to anything that would prevent him from running for office again.
  3. Sabatino had to promise not to sue the county.

Refusing the deal and going to trial would result in a two-year prison sentence if he was to be found guilty.

The DA’s Office and Bunch, dealing with a visiting judge and Kristen Olson’s sister, who was temporarily on the jury, failed to convict Mayor Sabatino.

In the 2006 trial, Bunch was on the witness stand being questioned by Frank Carson.

Stanislaus County investigator, Kirk Bunch, now sits to the left of DA Marlissa Ferreira in the prosecution of defense attorney, Frank Carson and eight other defendants

Years later and after a 3 yearlong investigation, Frank Carson was arrested and charged with murder.

He has since been held in the Stanislaus County Men’s Jail with no bail for almost a year now.


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  1. I went to High School with Kirk Bunch and Pat McGrath. The yearbook staff refused to post my Sr quote. So I am publishing it now:
    Grunt Scatt
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