Dear Jeff Jardine: I know you’re not stupid


Dear Jeff Jardine,

I know you’re not stupid, you’re just not ethical, and for that you will be held accountable. Your reporting has even gone beyond the boundaries of the newspaper. I understand that you are also making personal use of Facebook to spread your word.

Since your former editor and religious leader Mark Vasche decided that he and his friends’ only defense against the truth was to order that I be ignored. Not having access to your newspaper makes it more difficult but we will continue to try with social media.

You wrote that if I picked up a piece of paper or trash on Love Modesto day, it would be a “life changing experience” for me.

I recommend an experience for you, Kneel next to your bed for a few moments before you tuck yourself in for the night. It’s not too late.

In your last article you say, “By comparison, Stanislaus County can feel pretty good that none of its current politicians are facing criminal charges or are under indictment, right? Current pols, yes. But this county has had its share of election-time charges as well.

In August 2003, then-Stanislaus County District Attorney Jim Brazelton charged Modesto Mayor Carmen Sabatino with 11 felony counts including perjury. Sabatino immediately complained the charges were politically motivated and engineered by his enemies, including real estate mogul Mike Zagaris and then-county Supervisor Ray Simon. Sabatino continued to campaign, but failed to make the runoff in which Jim Ridenour defeated Bev Finley for mayor.”

Let me help you with facts:

Portion of City Council Minutes of July 17, 2001

Mike Zagaris: “Your remarks in the newspaper, which by the way, only serve to confirm comments that you made to other parties who called me and indicated what your motivations were, serve to me as a sad reflection of your use of your power as the Mayor of this community to take out your personal vendettas against individual citizens. I have never wanted to be your enemy. I don’t want to be your enemy now. But if you choose to engrave my name on the granite list of enemies that you have, I will find myself along with my deceased brother, Steve, along with County Counsel Krausnick, along with Supervisor Simon, and along with so many others a worthy crowd.”

Jeff, what do you make of this quotation?

You go on to say, “The case went to court and ended in mistrials with the jury votes ranging from 7-5 to 10-2, mostly to convict, according to some of the jurors. Birgit Fladager, who followed Brazelton as district attorney in 2006 and inherited the problem, chose not to retry the case.”

In August 2003, the Mayor was charged with 12 felonies. Through his attorney Frank Carson, he was offered a deal.

1.     The felonies would go away for a fine of $4700.

2.     Sabatino had to plead to anything that would prevent him from running for office again.

3.     Sabatino had to sign a promise not to sue the county.

Refusing the deal and going to trial would result in a two-year prison sentence if he was to be found guilty.

The DA’s Office and Bunch, dealing with a visiting judge and Kristen Olson’s sister, who was temporarily on the jury, failed to convict Mayor Sabatino.

In the 2006 trial, Bunch was on the witness stand being questioned by Frank Carson.

Stanislaus County investigator, Kirk Bunch, now sits to the left of DA Marlisa Ferriera in the prosecution of defense attorney, Frank Carson and five other defendants in this preliminary hearing,

After a 3 year long investigation, Frank Carson was arrested and charged with murder.

He has since been held in the Stanislaus County Men’s Jail with no bail for almost a year now.

Jeff, for you and your newspaper to not report the facts is more than unethical… It is immoral.


On Sunday, August 14, 2016, from 5 to 9 PM

Defendant Georgia DeFilippo Carson asked the court for assistance for the purchase of transcripts.

DA Marlisa Ferriera strongly objected, saying, “If she can afford $360,000 for bail. She certainly can afford to buy her own transcripts.”

Now, the DA is concerned about taxpayer money after spending over $5 million before this case is even brought to trial.

You are invited to Sabatino’s Ristorante at 421 McHenry Ave. to raise money for transcripts needed in the defense of innocent people. (209 602-5634)


Terri Wells-Locke







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