DA witness brags about his criminality and dismissals

That was Wednesday, on Thursday, things got better. Scott Osborn was the next witness for District Attorney Dave Harris. Osborn was brought down from Chino where he is serving a prison sentence.

Harris wanted Osborn to tell the jury how A.J. bail bonds employees invaded his home and took him down to the bail bond office where he was handcuffed to some gym equipment until his release could be arranged.

Once again, a Bee reporter was not present The newspaper was busy reporting on the chicken abuse case.

Scott Osborn, dressed in prison attire, walked into a nearly empty courtroom in chains.

The bailiff led him to the witness stand before the jury was allowed to file in.

District Attorney. Dave Harris did his best in attempting to weave Osborn’s testimony into a story he wanted the jury to hear.

Instead, Osborn bragged about his criminal record and the number of crimes that had been dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office.

He openly talked about his use of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol.

He said he was willing to lie, even to his father, to avoid criminal prosecution.

As defence attorney Frank Carson began to question Osborn, he inquired as to whether or not the chains were uncomfortable.

Carson suggested that may be the prosecution would allow the chains to be removed, but the judge protected Harris by suggesting that was not a good idea.

If a Bee reporter was present, he might have caught on to the possibility that Harris might have had to say that removing the chains was improper.

On the other hand, Harris was trying to prove through Osborn that being chained in the bail bonds office to prevent a client from escaping was improper and illegal.

The presentation of this fairytale case to a jury might show that we need serious reform to the bail system we now use.

The courts, law enforcement, and the legal profession must look for a better way.