DA investigates Jim DeMartini AGAIN!


It seems Mr. DeMartini has found himself once again being questioned by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

While interviewing with The BackStory on 4/16/16, he told former mayor Carmen Sabatino that the DA has spent over 3 million dollars during the investigation and prosecution of the Carson; Atwal; Atwal et. al. case in the past 3 years.

He also made a statement indicating that it was his opinion that the witnesses put on by “the people” were drug addicts, thieves and convicts and that head DA Birgit Fladagar and her investigators would be “sent packing” after this case was concluded.

Sometime after the hour and a half long interview, Mr. DeMartini was questioned by a woman fitting the description of  DDA Marlissa Ferreira and DA investigator Kirk Bunch about the statements he made on air. It is still unclear what prompted this interrogation of Supervisor  DeMartini.

In a phone call with former Mayor Sabatino, DeMartini said he was questioned by Ferreria and Bunch and it is also alleged that County Counsel John Doering and Attorney Bob Taro where also present during this scheduled meeting.

DeMartini said this meeting was recorded. Hopefully this audio will be available shortly.That was the extent of the conversation between Sabatino and DeMartini….

Sabatino said, “It would be silly for the DA to come after him again.”