August 4th 2016 – Back Story Staff Report – Today’s arguments at the Frank Carson preliminary hearing spilled over into the Bankruptcy Court parking lot this afternoon after court recessed for the day. As usual Mark Davis, a criminal defendant in a felony case being “prosecuted” by Stanislaus County DDA Marlissa Ferreira was waiting for his prosecutor to exit the building to engage in their usual misconduct.

Mark David Davis is being charged with 3 felony counts that include PC 182/487 conspiracy to commit grand theft, PC 118(A) perjury and CIC1814 dating back to 9/14/2011. Both of Davis’ co-defendants in this case have either plead out or, in the case of Local Bail Bondsmen AJ Pontillo, were acquitted of all charges. This leaves Mark Davis as the only defendant left in this case that can be considered the responsible party.

Janelle Llorrens, one of the 3 co-defendants, was the prosecution’s star witness after taking a plea deal in order to avoid a long drawn out trail. During her testimony it became clear what had taken place and it all pointed to Mark Davis resulting in the acquittal of Mr. Pontillo.

Initially Mark Davis and his co-defendant’s were being prosecuted by DA Dave Harris in Dept. 7. It is unknown why he has pulled out of this case when he spent years of his career attempting to obtain a conviction.

Today seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for regular spectators that have had enough of watching Davis suck up to the DA’s Office. It has been a problem for some time now. On more than one occasion Davis has been used as a walking “wire”, picking up bits and pieces of peoples private conversations and relaying them with his special spin to Mrs. Ferreira and Inv. Bunch as he sees fit.

After hours of Davis smiling and carrying on in the courtroom, with the occasional wink from DDA Ferreira, AJ Pontillo thought it might be appropriate to confront the criminal duo and ask if they thought their conduct was acceptable. Unfortunately instead of drawing back on her extensive experience, she decided to revert back to basic childhood redirect. Her response was “Don’t talk to me!”

At this time Inv. Bunch came around the corner to save the day. Well that was his intention at least but the only thing he accomplished was dumping his trial materials all over the place while suggesting Mr. Pontillo needed to “Keep it down.”

We hope to bring to the attention of our readers the mishandling of justice in this county. If you decide you want to be an informant for the DA and give up your self-respect they will treat you like family, forgetting that they are the ones excusing you of felony activities. Don’t go along,  and they will fabricate, lie and spend millions to ruin your life.