City of Modesto Myers Nave Spending report

myers nave spending report


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Approval of the budget transfer resolution would draw down the General Fund

Reserve by a total of $135,000.

The FY2018119 Adopted Budget appropriated a total of $590,722 for operation of a

City Attorney’s office staffed by an in-house attorney and legal assistant. This amount was inclusive of nearly $40,000 in costs for contract attorneys, books &subscriptions, conferences, and professional development.

The proposed agreement would replace that office under a basic retainer agreement

Totaling $360,000 per year. Even allowing for occasional extra costs, this represents a significant savings from the budgeted amount in future years.

Church well White has offered a $30,000 discount from that amount, reducing to $330,000 per year the agreement’s annual retainer cost, should the City agree to reschedule its meetings to the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Meyers Nave billings to all Funds, General and Special Revenue, for the period June

30, 2018 through March 2019, or roughly 75% of the Fiscal Year, are projected to be $488,000.


Recommend Approval.



  2. Council could choose to direct the City Manager to negotiate an agreement with

Another firm. This is not recommended, due to Churchwell White’s professional

Qualifications and the agreements negotiated terms.



City of Modesto Myers Nave Spending report

myers nave spending report