City hopes Modesto will rally around official flag contest



As Modesto grapples with crime, poverty and a host of other vexing social problems, city leaders believe they have a positive proposal the community will rally around – a contest to design the city’s first official flag.Read more here:

carmen-modesto-flagDear Kevin,

As you know, Mark Vasche, former editor of the Bee, issued an order that, former Mayor Carmen Sabatino should be ignored.

This was his only defense against the truth.

I know this makes it difficult for you to be a journalist when you are asked to do public relations for the city of Modesto and the Chamber of Commerce.

Let me help you.

Modesto officials want to have a, “contest to design the city’s first official flag.”

Let’s start with the truth, Modesto already has an official flag, as pictured.

The following are the “Modesto officials” you refer to.

Bob Healthy Economy Committee

Department: Community & Economic Development; Public Works
Meets: 1st Monday of the month
Chair: Bill Zoslocki
Vice-Chair: Doug Ridenour, Sr.
Members: Jenny Kenoyer

Modesto Culture Commission

Ann Bailey, Bob Barzan, David Burkett, David Leamon, Susan Richardson, Sarah Stevenson

As Mayor of Modesto I presented hundreds of city of Modesto flags to students and visiting students from all over the world, including our sister cities in Japan and Mexico.

The large flag that was in the Council chambers is no longer used.

Let me help you, “What is it about our present flag that causes us such embarrassment? You might ask a “Modesto official” or give your own answer.

Consider that whether it was changing the city logo or the flag, there is a desire by marketing developers to run from agricultural our past by looking for new symbols.

Mayor Brandvold is advised to seek donations. He might send a letter to Cecil Russell of the Chamber of Commerce.

It is not a great deal of money but it could help to pay a possible consultant like Roman Mars, as implied in your story.

The City has already spent $2000.00, setting up the contest, yes or no?

Kevin, either you did not know of the existence of the Modesto Flag or you were asked not to tell us.