Christianson reputation could help defeat Measure L

October 18, 2016 – Those who support measure L have recruited Sheriff Adam Christianson to urge you to vote for the sales tax.

Christianson has cost this County $15 million since he took office to pay for the defense of lawsuits, which have been lost, and required settlements.

Why would you believe Christianson, who is using the office of Sheriff to endorse the lies Measure L.

Local governments, the Chamber of Commerce, and real estate developers are spending $1 million on a campaign to “fix potholes”!

This alliance of special interests hope the people are stupid enough to buy into voting taxes to improve the corridors leading into the city to bring more commuters, increased population, and more crime.

City of Modesto attempted to pass measure G in June.

measure-l-on-sales-taxThe same people who want measure L did not support Measure G, denying the City of Modesto $14 million a year in revenue and throwing out an incumbent Mayor who supported the city sales tax.

Why? Had measure G past, there would be no discussion of Measure L because politically, no community would’ve passed two sales tax increases within 6 months.

The alliance of special interests beat the City of Modesto to $14 million dollars that was supposed to go for needed services.

Yes, they think you’re stupid.



Carmen Sabatino