Charming George and the Women in his Life


In an email from Katherine Borges, she wrote:


Dear Carmen,


I apologize for getting back to you so late on this but I am unable to help with the “No on Measure X” campaign.  Too many things on my plate including an upcoming trip to Ireland.  Best wishes though!


Kind regards,

Katherine Borges


P.S. Good job on your MID speech at LCR!


In another correspondence Borges wrote:


“Ok, I just spoke with Carmen.  He did not tell me before that his organization was a PAC. So no, I’m still not involved with the PAC -unless- Modesto does NOT exclude Salida from the General Tax.  They may still do so.  If they don’t, then I will volunteer to help any opposition to the tax.  No money though and I clarified that with him.  I’m also speaking as in individual volunteer, not on behalf of my whole community.”


Georgie Porgie puddin’ and pie

Tricked the girls and made them cry.


They’re not crying, not yet anyway.


George Petrulakis has stepped out of his Chamber walls and has begun his assault on our prime farmland with the proclaimed Queen of Salida leading the city to Salida’s backyard by accepting a too-little too-late negotiation with the city of Modesto.


Months before the city looked to Wood Colony, they were wanting to scoop up the business planned land in Salida. Borges wanted nothing to do with that proposition, but since then, she’s seen the light of political power, shown to her by none other than Petrulakis and his handlers.


Soon “her town” will fall to the city and will be left crying in desperation to find an answer to who is really in charge, because contrary to what many think, Borges is not.