Breaking News: Mayor and Back Story News excluded from courtroom.

In the last bizarre development in the circus that is the Frank Carson Trial, The Back Story has been banned from attending the public court proceedings.

On May 1st 2018, Mayor Carmen Sabatino went to court to observe the trial and was asked to leave.  The Backstory News understands that he was not allowed to attend the trial because the District Attorney wanted him excluded.

In February 2018 Judge Barbara Zuniga repeatedly dismissed Chief Deputy District Attorney Marlisa Ferreira’s attempt to bring Mayor Sabatino into the Frank Carson trial.

Mayor Sabatino’s role as Treasurer in the 2014 PAC to recall DA Fladager was presented as evidence of Obstruction of Justice and Bribery – The judge dismissed that ridiculous attempt stating “I have a lot of problems with your trying to get this in.” and “Ms. Ferreira, you’re asking me to infer quite a bit from this conversation, but I’m looking at the plain language… not going to happen.  It’s out.”

On Tuesday of this week, a letter was given to the court by a Juror apparently claims that Mayor Sabatino tried to “friend” him on Facebook – alluding to the some sort of jury tampering.  The Back Story news is demanding a copy of that letter.

Interesting tactics – if you want Mayor Sabatino out of the Carson trial courtroom, you try to make him a conspirator… if that does not work, you call him a witness, if that does not work… accuse him of Jury Tampering.

Mayor Sabatino, a member of the Society of Professional Journalism and publisher of the Back Story News intends to fight the decision to keep him from the public courtroom that is clearly motivated by Political reasons