Ken Riddick, Publisher Modesto Bee, Editor Joe Kieta, and Editor Mike Dunbar

Inquiring mind can rest assured, ‘Love Modesto’ signs on solid ground

Jeff Jardine April 11, 2016


I write to you concerning the April 11, 2016 column by your employee Jeff Jardine. After reading the article I thought it would be a good idea to have Mr. Jardine take an oath before you publish his column. Jardine looks foolish if he is comparing my record of volunteerism to his or 99.9% of this community.

Jeff Jardine wrote his column with an uncivil, malicious intent, to attack my character in that I will hold your newspaper, Jeff Jardine, city attorney Adam Lindgren, accountable.

I will respond by helping you have a life changing experience to make you better.

Jardine says,  “So it was interesting when my phone rang one day last week. The voice on the other end belonged to Carmen Sabatino, a former Modesto mayor. He wanted to know if I’d seen the promotional “Love Modesto” signs posted around the city. He wondered if they violated the city sign ordinance, and said he’d spoken to City Attorney Adam Lindgren and was awaiting a response.

“I’m not making a complaint,” Sabatino said when we talked again Monday morning. “I’m making an inquiry about what the code says about the signs.”

Jardine says, “Carmen just being Carmen again? Modesto’s Donald Grump? Or is there a real problem with the signs that needs to be addressed?

I asked a simple yes or no answer from city attorney Adam Lindgren about what the code allowed concerning signs. Lindgren needed more time to give me an answer so he asked for pictures.

Not wanting to answer the question Lindgren enlisted  his paralegal Jeff Jardine who explained that…”Granted, I’m not a lawyer and, as the old joke goes, I don’t play one on TV.

Jardine goes on to say,” but if love Modesto signs do blur the lines just a smidgen who cares?”

A comment on Mod, said it nicely, “Hey Jeff….if I ever get ticketed for going “just a smidgen” over the limit or being DUI by “just a smidgen”, I’ll just tell them to send the fine to you and the Modesto Bee who says it is okay to break the law by “just a smidgen”.

Jardine finishes with, “Consider signing up, Carmen. It could prove to be a life-changing experience.”

Once again Jeff, are the Love Modesto signs approved by the city code or is there an exception being made for Jeff Pishney,executive director of, a nonprofit religious organization called Love Modesto.