Bee and League of Women Voters Play Hide The Candidate

The League of Women Voters claim to fame is to increase voter turnout by holding forums where citizens can be informed about how candidates stand on the issues.

There is some historical evidence that this is not the case.

On January 25 a forum was held in the basement of the public library before an audience of less than 100 with firefighters lining the walls. One league member said that the forum was held in the basement of the library because the City Council Chambers were not available.

George Petrulakis, the Chamber of Commerce, and the LWV apparently could not agree on an open date for use of the chamber. This arrangement was planned so that candidate Ted Brandvold did not have to face television cameras that were not available in the library.

The Modesto Bee hides the issues

Modesto Bee reporter Kevin Valine attended the January 25 forum.

Five days later on January 30 the Modesto bee reported the Valine story. People voted for five days without any knowledge of what happened at the forum.

Kevin finally Valine reported,

“Marsh told an audience of nearly 100 on Monday at a League of Women Voters candidate form that if he is reelected he will bring a proposal to the Council in March that would exclude wood colony from the city’s general plan which serves as a blueprint for growth and development.

Marsh also wants to remove Salida the unincorporated communities Northwest of Modesto from the plan.

Marsh would need three of the six councilmembers to vote with him for his proposal to go forward.”

Lisa Dovichi-Braden: This business owner supports Mayor Marsh

If you did not attend the League of Women Voters mayoral candidate forum Monday night (Jan. 25), and you are undecided on whom to vote for, my vote is for Mayor Garrad Marsh.

Marsh went against what the Chamber of Commerce and public safety unions wanted with Wood Colony and taxes; so they backed his opponent.

Ted Brandvold stated he was just an average citizen that wants to make the city better. Why then do you need the Chamber and unions in your back pocket? He said the Chamber has a huge say in what’s happens in the city because they represent all the businesses. As a business owner, the Chamber does not represent my views.

If you were just an average citizen, then run on your own merits not a puppet of the Chamber. Re-elect Mayor Marsh.