If I had known before testimony what was in store for today, I would have just remained at home. Today was, in my opinion, a total waste of time. Patrick Hampton was much quieter today with the profanities, making sure that the judge was unaware of most of his antics. There were at least 4 “Fuck You” instances that he quietly mouthed to various people in the courtroom. Defense attorney Percy Martinez was the most frequent recipient of these comments. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia, for at least the third time, was asked if he was a child molester. The people in the audience were not even immune from his profanity. This man really has his act together. He was gently warned by Judge Zuniga several times, and was told late in his testimony to “Be good, you are almost done Mr. Hampton.” For the life of me, I can’t see why this man has received any consideration from the DA for any of his testimony, or why they think his testimony is important. Judge Zuniga made a comment today about there being very little evidence in this preliminary trial. Those of us that are blogging on this trial must strongly agree.

We started out the morning talking about how Frank Carson wants this trial to go 5 days a week. He has a right to ask for this. There are problems with this that have to be worked out. Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana said she can’t handle 5 days a week. Defense Attorney Jesse Garcia has physical therapy on Fridays, and he represents Frank’s wife. We haven’t heard the last of this situation.

Judge Zuniga talks about the situation where Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra is being accused of coaching Patrick Hampton when she blurted out about Linda Sue Burns while Patrick was being asked questions by a defense attorney. Defense Attorney Robert Forkner is going to include this misconduct in his upcoming motion. There are many instances of misconduct in this motion, and it keeps growing every week.

At 10:49 AM, defense attorney Jesse Garcia asks Hampton what he had just said. Patrick replied: “I think I called you a little bitch.”

Jesse Garcia starts asking Hampton about an incident in 1993 where he had been found guilty of having a shank at Pelican Bay. Hampton was put in the “Shoe” for 18 months. Hampton appealed the length of this sentence. Jesse Garcia brings out that Hampton then contacted the Stanislaus County DA’s office offering information on the Daniel Udder murder case. Hampton wanted to be transferred to a prison closer to Stanislaus County, and to get out of Pelican Bay. This man is willing to snitch on anything or anybody to get preferential treatment.

Hampton was transferred to Corcoran State Prison. He went from a level 5 institution to a level 4 institution. It seems he actually only spent 5 months of his “Shoe” time in Pelican Bay before he was transferred.

In 1994, Detective Brad Nix told the Department of Corrections that Hampton’s testimony in the Udder case was not needed, but Hampton was never sent back to Pelican Bay. It was revealed that Hampton had two charges against him at Pelican Bay. One charge was for Battery, and the other was for combat. The first charge was apparently dropped for lack of evidence. Hampton was facing 5 years for the second charge, when he reached out for assistance to Stanislaus County.

After a November, 1994 letter from Detective Brad Nix that informed Hampton that he would not be needed for the Udder case, Hampton was notified that he would be reclassified to level 3 incarceration. Being transferred from level 5 Pelican Bay to level 3 Corcoran State Prison was Hampton’s reward for cooperation. During this line of questioning by Jesse Garcia, Hampton mouthed a couple “Fuck You” comments. Hampton flipped the bird to Jesse Garcia, and Garcia asked Hampton: “Mr. Hampton, did you just flip me off?” It is now time for lunch.

We start out after lunch at 1:40 PM. Patrick Hampton silently mouths another “Fuck You” to Jesse Garcia. It is brought out by Jesse Garcia that the shank from Pelican Bay is being forwarded as part of the discovery packet that he had requested. Hampton admits that he was given a memorandum that stated that the Del Norte County DA had declined to prosecute him for the weapons charge for lack of evidence. It was disclosed that Hampton had been told by Nix that he would talk to the Del Norte County DA about this charge. It seems like they will do anything to help a snitch, even when they do not use his information.

It is at this time that Hampton asks defense attorney Jesse Garcia if he is a pedophile. Judge Zuniga: “Mr. Hampton!” That is about as rough as she gets with this witness today.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra declines re-direct. The defense attorneys confer in private about something that I am not quite sure about. Hampton calls Martha Carlton Magana a “Bitch.” This was in response to some of her arguments. Hampton: “Talk about me being a snitch.” At this time, I am sure Hampton made eye contact with me and mouthed “Fuck You.” We are done with this low life, at least for the day. His court appointed attorney Rosenstein insists that he be totally done today. There appears to be a couple of issues that may bring Hampton back to the stand. He is due to be released soon, and I think they are afraid that they will have difficulty keeping track of his whereabouts.

Judge Zuniga then clears the public from the courtroom for a lengthy in camera hearing. It appears that it concerns private files on Hampton from the California Department of Corrections. Marlissa Fereirra has said these files contain facts that could put Patrick Hampton in danger. I think putting Hampton back on the street puts the general public in danger. Putting all of us in danger for this snitch makes no sense at all. This whole trial makes no sense. The judge made that comment about there being very little evidence in this case. I hope that this thing can end, and that the good people who are incarcerated can get their lives back together. This is a nightmare that none of them deserve.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)