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March 30th, 2017 –  In the age of “pay for play “election of officials, a “strong mayor” would put power in the hands of those who “paid”

In today’s Modesto Bee, Jeff Jardine’s article “Is push for strong Mayor in the offing as council makes changes at the top?” ( ) was interesting reading.  The possibilities laid out in the article should alarm anyone who is concerned about the undue influence of money and special interest in our halls of government.

This potential catastrophe is not simply any exercise in “what-ifs” – one simply needs to review the string of disasters caused over the past 30 years without a bought-and-paid-for “strong mayor” system.  Village I, Tivoli, County Dump overcharge scandal, outrageous Modesto Bee contracts, Wood Colony, Measure M (written by Petrulakis) , and the list goes on.

With the exception of Mayor Sabatino (which made him a target), nearly every elected Mayor or Council Member since Dick Lang in 1995 has been selected, recruited and financed by a combination of George Petrulakis and Mike Zagaris  (PMZ Realty).

The unabashed power of these brokers is so shameless that the Modesto Bee themselves reported that George Petrulakis was an advisor to the Mayor.

With the millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars that have vanished into the swirling hole of developer’s pockets and shady projects – the last thing needed is a puppet mayor system, simply because we already have one.  We most certainly that with Petrulakis and Zagaris we will have untold future malfeasance.

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  1. Wow! It’s funny that the Central Valley farmland trust swindle money from developers, but for some reason that never gets brought up. Hahaha
    I guess the days of trying to better our community is over. So unfortunate!

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