Modesto CA Audits

Tune in tonight at 5:00PM on FM 93.3.  At The Back Story, we have continued to call for forensic audits at the City of Modesto and other government agencies.  We have written a “prescription for the city” calling for an independent audit, and asked for them several times in writing and talked about it on our radio show.

Now that HUD and Caltrans are reporting their audit results, the city is taking some action by auditing themselves, yet…we wonder – How open they will be with the results?  Given this council’s record of secrecy, we will be demanding the results when they are available.

Random series of Audits

  • About 2 weeks ago
    Audit recommends Modesto pay back as much as $1.9 million in federal housing money

    • An audit is faulting Modesto for how it spent federal housing money and recommends the city repay the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development nearly $258,000 and explain how it spent an additional $1.69 million or repay that money as well.
  • About 4 days ago
    Modesto starts investigation after audit says it misspent as much as $1.94 million

    • Modesto is launching a personnel investigation after an audit faulted the city for how it spent federal housing money and recommended it repay the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as much as $1.94 million.
  • 3 months ago

Modesto council poised to hire its first auditor in eight years

  • The auditor would replace Moss Adams, the Seattle-based consulting firm that has served as auditor for several years. But the change has drawn questions from two council members because it is expected to cost more and they were not aware of problems with Moss Adams
  • About 8 months ago
    Audit: Sheriff’s employee racked up $790 in parking charges

    • A Sheriff’s Department employee racked up $790 in parking charges when he left his vehicle at an airport for 79 days while attending training in Virginia.
  • About 7 months ago
    Modesto owes Caltrans $229,304 after a state audit determined the city did not adequately track some of its labor costs and sought payment for other costs that were not eligible for reimbursement.
  • About 1 year ago
    Modesto moves to replace auditor with new one at twice the cost

    • Mayor Ted Brandvold wants to remove Moss Adams — the Seattle-based certified public accounting and business consulting firm that has worked for the city since 2011 — with an auditor who would be a city employee
  • About 1 year ago
    Hotel was 4 miles from conference. So why did rental car have 208 miles on it?

    • Modesto’s Municipal Code states travelers must use the most economical mode of travel, but one claim showed the traveler rented a car and drove 208 miles, even though the airport and the hotel where the conference was held were four miles apart
  • About 1 year ago
    County program had 10-year supply of gift cards. 256 cards worth $1,330 were missing,

    • A review of Stanislaus County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ gift card program found that it had stockpiled several years worth of cards without an apparent need, that 256 cards worth $1,330 were missing, and concluded BHRS needs to strengthen its oversight of the program