Assistant District Attorney Carol Shipley said her office is ready to go to trial.

The DA’s Office was not ready to go to trial because they were confident Mayor Sabatino would take a deal.

The deal was a $4700 fine, excepting a charge that would prevent him from ever running for office again and a promise not to sue Stanislaus County.

In exchange, 12 felonies would be dropped. Judge Franklin Stevenson said Sabatino would face 2 years in prison if he went to trial.

Sabatino and Frank Carson rejected the deal, the jury could not agree and Birgit Fladagar announced the dismissal of the charges.

The sister of Republican Kristen Olsen was on the jury and was removed after 3 weeks of daily contact with other jurors.


She declined to discuss the details of any settlement offers but said she was surprised by Sabatino’s decision to take his case to a jury trial rather than accept a civil compromise.

“I’m baffled by it.” Shipley said. She added later in the article, as reported earlier this week, “I have heard from one of the Board of Supervisors that they are unhappy if anything less than criminal charges come out of this case.”


This case was produced and directed by DA Investigator Kirk Bunch.