From: William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 7:24 PM



Woman dressed as lady justice peeking at scales

I had a dental appointment in the morning, so I missed some fireworks in what happened before the lunchtime break. I was told that the entire morning was taken up with complaints of misconduct by the prosecution, and counter complaints of misconduct by the defense.

It all seemed to center about allegations by Chief Prosecuting District Attorney Marlissa Ferreira that defense attorney Carlton Magana had somehow gotten to prosecution witness Ronald Cooper Jr. causing him to be uncooperative in his testimony.

It seems that Magana was representing a cellmate of Mr. Cooper. Marlissa Ferreira seemed to suggest that Carlton Magana had used this situation to somehow cause Mr. Cooper to become uncooperative in his testimony.

The entire morning was filled with angry exchanges between Martha and Marlissa over these allegations. There is a possibility that a complaint will be filed with the State Attorney General about the conduct of Marlissa Ferreira in this matter by Martha Carlton Magana. Judge Zuniga seemed overwhelmed by the acrimony that has been present in this case.

At 1:58 PM, the afternoon session finally got going, after the judge was late due to a meeting she had to attend to. There were a series of objections that the defense attorneys made about the allegations that had been made concerning Martha Carlton-Magana’s alleged tampering of Ronald Cooper Jr.

The Judge asked for an offer of proof from Marlissa Ferreira. She really had no proof of these allegations, so Judge Zuniga ordered that Ronald Cooper Jr. be put back on the stand.

Martha Carlton Magana asked Mr. Cooper if he knew a man named Patrick Hampton. Cooper said yes, that he had met Mr. Hampton in jail 10 years ago, and several times since while in jail. He admitted to being a friend of Patrick Hampton. Cooper said that on July 01, 2015 he talked with Patrick Hampton at the Probation Department, but never talked about Frank Carson, or Corey Kauffman. Cooper was then allowed to step down from the stand.

Patrick Hampton was then called to the stand. What a smart mouthed low life witness he turned out to be on the stand.

Marlissa Ferreira started out with Mr. Hampton. In testimony he stated that Frank Carson had been his attorney. He testified that on 1/05/2015 he sent a letter to DA Investigator Steve Jacobson concerning the Corey Kauffman case.

He testified that he was not sure how he had found out that Corey Kauffman had been killed. Patrick Hampton testified that Frank Carson had asked him to deal with the Cooley brothers with regards to thefts from the Carson property while in a conference room in the Stanislaus County Court House.

Hampton was asked if he was familiar with the Cooley brothers, and he said yes. Patrick Hampton said that Frank stated to him that he was tired of being ripped off by the Cooley brothers, and that he wanted him to get a message to them, to deal with them, and to “Fuck them up.”

He testified that Frank used a file to shield his face from a Deputy that was present, and spoke to him in a whisper. He testified that Frank Carson took a look at his prior conviction history, and told him that he could probably help.

He testified that Frank Carson wanted to get some of his antiques back. He said that Frank Carson had told him that the Cooley brothers had been thoroughly warned. He testified that Frank Carson said that he was going to do a bail reduction hearing for him, and that he should contact a Bail Bondsman named Paul Singh.

At the time, Mr. Hampton was looking at a bond of $10,500. He testified that Frank Carson had implied that Paul Singh could probably get him bailed out for two to three thousand dollars.

As it turned out, Paul Singh bailed him out for an initial fee of $5,800. He was able to get this money together, and bailed out of jail. He was not required to post a property bond by Paul Singh.

Patrick Hampton was asked to step down from the witness stand, while the defense attorneys and Marlissa Ferreira argued about allegations that the Bail Bondsman Paul Singh had asked Mr. Hampton to participate in an identity theft scheme.

This was eventually shot down by Judge Zuniga. During these discussions, it was brought out that Paul Singh had provided Mr. Hampton with a stack of business cards to hand out to his friends.

Discussion then went to some evidence that exists in text messages from Christina DeFellipo, and Georgia DeFellipo. Judge Zuniga then told Marlissa Ferreira that “Your argument is so circumstantial on an uncharged conspiracy and an uncharged crime and that it doesn’t track.”

Judge Zuniga would not allow questioning of Patrick Hampton about the identity theft scheme allegations. Patrick Hampton was then brought back to the stand.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner brought out the fact that Mr. Hampton was still on the hook for the $4200 balance of the bail bonds fees that he owed Paul Singh, and the initial fee of $5800.00 was only a partial payment of the $10,000 that he actually owed to the bail bondsman. A normal charge is nearly always 10% of the bail amount.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner said that audio tapes clearly show that a man named Rene was the one that was actually involved in the identity theft scheme, and the police reports provided to the court and to the defense attorneys are inaccurate frequently in this case.

Robert Forkner stated that he will play the actual audio recording for the court, and that it will probably take 4 days in court with Mr. Hampton to get to the truth in this matter. During testimony, Patrick Hampton said he spoke to Georgia DeFilippo on the phone who told him he could find Frank Carson at the Stanislaus County Courthouse, and that he had spoke briefly with him in the lobby.

He stated that Frank Carson had read his police report. Patrick Hampton testified that he lied to Frank Carson about talking to people in Turlock about thefts from the Carson property. Mr. Hampton testified that Frank Carson had told him to hurry up, and that he wanted to get shit dealt with, and that he did not want to know details about what happened.

He testified that Frank Carson was upset, and his facial expressions seemed like he was a little bit furious, and had a “Shitty grin on his face.”

Mr. Hampton said that Frank Carson said that he could get Mr. Hampton a deal for time served on his case that was pending. He testified that he tried to contact Frank Carson after the court appearance on the phone, and that Frank did not want to discuss it on the phone.

He testified that he then jumped bail, and talked to Frank Carson 1 to 2 months later on the phone. He said that Frank told him to “Pull his head out of his ass.”

He then testified that Frank Carson had told him that he could probably fix his situation. He was eventually taken into custody, and went to jail, and got another lawyer (Public Defender Greg Spiering.)

Mr. Hampton testified that he knows Ronald Cooper Jr, and had met him in jail. He testified that he knows Michael Cooley from when they were in Duel Vocational Institute (DVI) and that he had never seen Michael Cooley use a knife in violent acts against people. He denied that Ronald Cooper Jr. was in a gang. He denied knowing Corey Kauffman, and denied reading about the arrest of Frank Carson, or reading the affidavit in this case.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner then took over questioning of Patrick Hampton. He asked Mr. Hampton what was his drug of choice, heroin or methamphetamine? Mr. Hampton stated that it was methamphetamine, then asked Robert Forkner what was his drug of choice?

Everyone in the courtroom got a good chuckle out of that one, and Hampton called Forkner a “smart ass”.

Hampton stated that he got no consideration on his legal issues because of his letter to DA investigator Steve Jacobson. He said that Steve Jacobson met with him in the jail after he sent the letter.

Mr. Hampton denied being a member of the Northern Rider gang, denied being a police informant (snitch.)

He was asked by defense attorney Robert Forkner if he had wanted to blackmail Frank Carson, and said yes. It was brought out that Mr. Hampton had received 150 days for evading the probation unit before he sent the letter to Steve Jacobson, but only had a couple of weeks left on that sentence before sending the letter.

Testimony then went to a situation where he had looked through a scope at a license plate of the wife of bail bondsman Paul Singh, and claimed that Paul Singh had threatened to kill him over the incident. He testified that he never paid Paul Singh the balance that was owed on his bail bond.

He testified that he had offered to record conversations with Frank Carson. Patrick Hampton testified that he set up a phony business with Rene in a corrupt scheme that I think is related to the identity theft issue. He was then allowed to step down from the stand.

After Patrick Hampton was out of the courtroom, it was brought out that tracking devices had been placed by law enforcement on the vehicles of Frank Carson, and nearly all of the defendants in this case, and a pole camera had been placed to watch Pop N Cork Liquor in Turlock.

The defense attorneys requested everything from these surveillance activities, and were told that the prosecution was still awaiting data from the company that provides the trackers. Court proceedings in this case will not resume until 9::30 AM on December 28, 2015.