And They Call This Justice


$20 million in legal fees… $9 million to city attorney’s firm

The Modesto City Council hired more than they bargained for in their selection of Monica Houston as the city auditor because she is competent, ethical, and courageous.  The council and the City Attorney are searching for ways to get rid of her.

Mayor Sabatino demands that the California State Bar investigate City Attorney Adam Lindgren to determine how Modesto has paid over $20 million in legal since 2014

Mayor Sabatino holds Mayor Ted Brandvold and Council accountable for covering up illegal conduct and mass conflicts of interest in creating a dysfunctional government

On October 10th the Bee reported Brandvold said, “Our city is broken, and we must take appropriate steps to fix it”

Brandvold has George Petrulakis as his chief of staff.

And they call this democracy…a history lesson
Here is the history of Stanislaus Co. Sheriffs “elections”

  • Retiring Sheriff Dan Kelsey endorsed Lynn Wood for Sheriff and he wins.
  • Lynn Wood retired early and appointed Fred Woods interim Sheriff. Fred Woods then ran as incumbent Sheriff and won.
  • Fred Woods retired early and appointed Jim Trevena interim Sheriff. Jim Trevena then ran as incumbent Sheriff and won.
  • Jim Trevena retired and endorsed Les Weidman who ran for Sheriff and Weidman won.
  • Les Weidman retired and endorsed Adam Christianson and he won.
  • Adam Christianson retires endorses Jeff Dirkse and he wins.