The Back Story is an online journal of fact (original reporting) and opinion. It is specifically intended to be an alternative to the local newspaper, where certain news items are under-reported (or not reported at all), where not all points of view make it into print, and where current economic conditions have rendered investigative reporting all but extinct.

The emphasis will be on the Stanislaus County area: political, economic, social, cultural that affect those of us who live here.

We are not suggesting that we are going to supplant the daily newspaper, but we ARE stating that there is a considerable gap between what happens in and around our communities and what is reported, and we propose to fill that gap. There are individuals, groups and concepts that are considered untouchable, and we think that is very unhealthy and downright dangerous to the concept of representative democracy.

We believe that there are untapped talents in our local communities people who know and understand what is happening and how things are working and are able to cogently express this understanding and knowledge. Not everyone with these capabilities draws a paycheck from the local newspaper, and we intend to identify and encourage them.

Be a little patient with us as we build this thing. Think about what we need to include and, perhaps, how you might contribute. Don’t be afraid to contact us and share your thoughts, even if it’s just to give us a piece of your mind.

And again welcome to the Back Story.


  1. About the Mark David Davis, his rampage started in 1989 when the Chief of Police deputized de facto his actions. Gerald McKinsey had Mark Davis’ head handed to him on a platter. McKinsey immunized his criminal conduct. Since that time, he can do anything he wants.

    When I saw all those 100+ continuances, I figured he was a snitch. There is no other reason❗️ Meanwhile, he holds the world hostage

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