A Tale of Two Measures

A tale of two measures:  Cynical power brokers and their manipulation of truth through unfettered “ghostwriting” of Modesto Bee stories

First a look at Measure G is warranted.  Measure G was a general sales tax measure on the ballot for Modesto voters November 3, 2015. It was defeated.

Measure G’s language approved by the city council for the ballot asked voters if they wanted to authorize the ½% sales tax increase in order to fund the “Safer Neighborhoods Initiative,” which would have focused on police and fire safety services. City officials estimated that the tax increase would have brought in about $14 million per year in additional revenue.  It was supported by Mayor Garrad Marsh, John Gunderson (District 1), Tony Madrigal (District 2), Jenny Kenoyer (District 5) and Dave Cogdill (District 6).

It was opposed by the typical lineup of developers, power brokers and “owned influencers” including Janice Keating.    While their official opposition was your typical cut-and-paste arguments of these types – the real reason for its opposition and defeat was much more villainous.   Enter Stanislaus County’s measure L.

Stanislaus County’s Measure L was written by, supported by and forced through by developers and special interests.   If you are curious as to the special interest, try wrapping your head around a tax that hits us to the tune of nearly $1 trillion dollars ($960 million).    Why so much money? Easy, the developers need the taxpayers to pay for all the roads, etc. that will lead to all their existing and planned developments for the next 25 years.    The language says it all … “to pay for local transportation projects described in the Expenditure Plan. Measure “L” is a special tax, and tax revenue received by the Stanislaus County Local Transportation Authority may be expended only for the local transportation improvement projects and programs set forth in the Expenditure Plan.  So they don’t have to worry about budgeting for traffic infrastructure access for their next quarter century.

How does the objections to Modesto’s G tie into the full-court press of Stanislaus measure L?  Simple – the shadow government of developers, kingmakers, consultants and their leashed elected officials knew that voters would never pass back-to-back tax increases.    So they pulled out all the stops to defeat a $14 million dollar public safety measure so that they could wallow in nearly a trillion dollars cash allowing them to avoid costs in their future developments and projects.

A final swipe at our dignity – Mike Lynch, a political consultant was quoted “It was essential to hold it (on a ballot with) the highest possible turnout,” Please… they only want the highest possible turnout for their type of voters.  Who is he kidding with a quote like that?   You see, they only want all the voters that agree with them to vote.

Funny how the August 8th article by Garth Stapley on this subject and voter participation, neglected to inform the public that the deadline for running for office is August 11th.  They certainly don’t want any candidates that have not been “pre-selected” by the shadow government cabal running.  Heck last time one of those slipped through, he was elected Mayor – created real change and it took all they had to remove him from office, Mayor Carmen Sabatino.