A Statement from Mercedes Wallace

Stanislaus County Deputy Wallace

May 14th, 2018 (Originally published on October 23, 2017)

A Statement from Mercedes Wallace : I am the widow of Fallen Officer, Dennis Wallace and this is my story of the grief and pain my husband suffered along with other injured Deputies working at the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Adam Christianson. His “Limp, Lame and Lazy” discrimination and retaliation created a hostile workplace and a climate of fear to silence anyone from speaking out. Had it not been for the discrimination by this Sheriff my husband would still be with me today. Please watch her video:    https://www.facebook.com/DeputyCoach/videos/789708924566806/

An Update from the Modesto Bee: “A judge ordered Stanislaus County to pay nearly $1.4 million in fees to attorneys of a deputy sheriff who for six years pursued a discrimination lawsuit against his employer, the county Sheriff’s Department.

Dennis Wallace, 53, was slain on the job in November 2016 in a tragedy not related to his lawsuit. The lawsuit was resolved a year ago when the county agreed to pay his widow, Mercedes Wallace, $253,000 in a settlement without admitting wrongdoing.

‘I’m happy for (our lawyers),’ Mercedes Wallace said Wednesday about the award for attorneys’ fees. ‘I know Dennis felt really bad (that they hadn’t been paid). And they, just like Dennis, were proven right.'”

To begin with, our hearts go out to the family of slain Deputy Wallace – your grief should not have been compounded by the acts of a deviant who destroyed the photograph on the memorial to him.   Our thoughts have never left you throughout your struggles.

No, the report is in regards to the folks in our local government and the Sheriff’s Department in particular – their hypocrisy knows no bounds.   It is beyond the pale that the same organizations and people who publicly impugned, harassed, defamed and insulted Deputy Wallace when he was alive, now see it fit to feign indignant outrage over his photographs vandalism.

Much easier to frame yourselves as caring about a brother in the thin blue line, to push the Hollywood vision of tears at a funeral playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes when the victim of harassment is reduced to a photograph that cannot speak back and let you know the opportunistic hypocrites that are part of the culture.