A Project for Love Modesto

A project for Love Modesto

FACT:   For too long, piles of garbage, dead animals, filth, discarded furniture and worse have gathered in piles across Modesto – mist notable in the County Islands that exist throughout the City of Modesto.  Tonight we talk with someone who in his fight to get these messes cleaned up – has been pushed (sometimes literally) from agency to agency in his one-year ordeal.  If the message of Love Modesto is true, then why in the world are they not taking this as a worthy project?  All of the money, the marketing, the resources… they could truly make Modesto loveable by removing the blight in plain sight.

FACT:   The city has more than 30 underserved, unincorporated pockets within its borders.  This areas are underserved by utilities, sidewalks, and law enforcement.   Driving through many of these County pockets remind one of a third world country.

FACT:   Love Modesto gathers immense resources and energy that could be used to help tackle the problem.   Their website says it all: “OUR CITY IS FACING SOME OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES IN OUR HISTORY.  WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF OUR CITY CAME TOGETHER TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER?’

FACT:   The Modesto Bee reported that 10th year organizers expected 7,000 to 10,000 people turned out for the more than 100 projects on the organization’s to-do list.    Why was cleaning up blight where children are raised not on the top projects list?

Make Modesto Lovable