A Pattern of Abuse

Letter of Complaint for Civil Rights Violations

City of Patterson, California


On behalf of Victor Ortega Torres, Luis Mendoza, Kevin, Hilda and other members of the Hispanic community in the City of Patterson, we submit this complaint of Civil Rights Violations and pattern of discrimination by the Patterson Police Services of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Patterson Police), against the Patterson Hispanic community. In recent months, the pattern of abuse has escalated and culminated in two very heinous assaults on local residents and subsequent cover ups by Patterson Police. A summary of the incidents are outlined below after a brief review of civil rights law and how it applies to the City of Patterson Police Services.


The three (3) incidences summarized below have been investigated by concerned community members and evidence supporting these accounts are provided as part of the this Civil Rights Complaints against the City of Patterson, Patterson City Council,

Mayor, Stanislaus County Sheriff, Patterson Police Chief, and several officers directly responsible for the abuses which are the subject of this complaint.

In order to protect the constitutional rights of all parties involved and to protect the health and safety of the complainants, certain evidence and witness accounts that will be instrumental in proving the innocence of the accused in these matters are not disclosed here.


The purpose of this letter is to put on notice elected officials and those whose hands we place our trust and faith to faithfully execute the law in an impartial way that today is the last day we will stand idle while our Hispanic community members are abused, discriminated against, deported, and otherwise treated lie less than human.



According to the City of Patterson’s official website, Patterson Police Services provides the City of Patterson with a wide range of municipal law enforcement services including not limited to:


Administration, Citizen Volunteer Programs, Investigations, Patrol, Records Management, Recruitment, Specialized Enforcement Teams, Training, and Traffic Enforcement.


The Patterson City Council, through its City Manager, provides local direction and control of the department, which allows the city to enjoy the benefits and resources of the Sheriff’s Department, while at the same time, allowing the city to retain, in effect, its local law enforcement autonomy.


Patterson Demographics

According to the most recent US Census Bureau statistics for the City of Patterson:

  • 5% of persons speak a language other than English at home;
  • 8% of persons are under the age of 18; and,
  • Only 4% of the overall population has a bachelor’s degree or higher.